Quick Start Guide (English)

Not sure where to start? This Quick Start Guide will help you start teaching your child English (or other target language) by helping you to choose some Starter Phrases, explaining the CARE Method for teaching baby, and providing you with printable materials to support you.

Choose 3 Starter Phrases, according to your child’s age

We start by introducing phrases that your baby will use frequently every day and that have meaning in your child’s life. We recommend the following three phrases that have endless possibilities for expansion. The ages are orientative and you can always use another combination of phrases that works for your family.

(If your target language is Spanish, you can use our section Parent English for the Spanish translations of these phrases.)

For babies 0-12 months (Infants):

  • Time for… your bath, a story, bed
  • Let’s… go, change your diaper, count
  • Are you… hungry? thirsty? sleepy?

For babies 12-24 months (Toddlers):

  • Where is/are… your ball? your nose? your shoes?
  • Give me… a kiss, a hug, the book
  • Be… careful, gentle, quiet

For babies and kids 24 months and older (Pre-schoolers):

  • It’s a… dog, plane, banana
  • What is it?
  • More or finished?

See more Starter Phrases and expansions

How to Teach your Baby – The CARE Method

This four-step method will simplify the process of teaching your baby English (or other target language) by assuring your child will feel engaged and motivated.

Printable Materials

A PDF version of this guide will be available soon. Stay tuned…

BabyLingüe Kit

Now you have chosen some Starter Phrases, let’s see how you can use them with your child. Step One: Connect

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